Heneghans Abroad

Corrie, Mary, and Mike are living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Family Invasion: Maureen and Beth

Loyal readers,

After four days of raucous fun, my sister Beth and her daughter Maureen have left us to return to the grind back in Indy.

Continuing a Brogan tradition, my sister surprised Maureen just a day before arriving with the news that they'd be coming to visit for a long weekend. What's cooler than skipping a bunch of school to go on an international journey to Mexico?

How about:
  • Dinner, terrace-side, along one of Vallarta's many rivers, free (virgin) Pina Colada included?
(these are virgin tequila shots, I swear)

  • zipping through the rain forest canopy (that's Maureen) or rappelling (Beth) down waterfalls?
  • leaping from boulders into the Bay of Banderas waters (apparently a young Lou Ferigno type was there too)?

  • or a day spent in the sleepy surf town of Sayulita, including icy mango margaritas* and spicy chilequiles, all served beachside with your toes digging into the sand?

(This isn't really Sayulita at all, but this one's got the whole gang in it, and I knew you'd dig that)

It's really tough to say what was the highlight for us--Maureen, in all of her newfound teenage glory, might even have the gall to claim her fledgling Facebook account creation as the highlight--but I think the brief video below captures what made this visit so special for us (relax, I turn the camera the correct way after a bit).

Thank you for coming, guys. We truly miss you already. We love you.

Mike, Corrie, and the Bear

*Though Maureen did not partake of the mango margarita, she very easily could have at numerous occasions. There were a variety of bar touts--guys who try to work tourists into the bars to spend money--who clearly thought she was much older than her tender age of 13.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Tour, part Dos

Howdy all,

After a deluge of mail in our little Mexican mailbox, I have finally gotten around to posting the second part of our apartment tour. It's even more exciting than the first.

It's 2 minutes of ol' fashioned Mexican "Yee-hah", mixed with a splash of "Oh Yeah". Maybe just a smidge of "Oh no he didn't"...okay. Stop it. Just stop it. There's really no good way to dress this up. You see the bedroom. You see Mary's room. That's it. Oh, and some very droll commentary.

The highlight is, as always, the cameo by the Mare-Bear.



Mike and family