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Corrie, Mary, and Mike are living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

¡ Viva Mexico!

The staff looked on while Jerry, my boss, blew out his
birthday cake candles.

Friends and family,

Last night Corrie and I had our first night out without the Mare-Bear. September 15th is Mexican Independence Day, so our school--the American School of Puerto Vallarta--rented out a catamaran for staff, family, and other hangers on. A friend of ours suggested a babysitter--a mother of two teenagers named Ana--and we were off.

The boat was pretty big, big enough to hold a couple hundred guests, a fully stocked bar, a buffet, and a make-shift dance floor. All were used plenty. We arrived at the port at 8pm, greeted by menacing clouds and a rainbow. As luck would have it, our ship, the Beach Boy, had a roof, so rain or shine, we'd be fine. This also being the birthday of our boss, Jerry, and librarian Jenny, it looked to be an especially festive evening.

The Beach Boy motored out into the Bay of Banderas as night fell. The rain stopped and the booze flowed. This was our first time out on the water and we were impressed. The bay is a giant crescent moon, lined with green mountains. At night the lights shone brightly, and this being Independence Day, it was especially thronged with people who'd come downtown to see "El Grito". El Grito is when the town mayor reenacts the Mexican call to independence, "Viva Mexico", first proclaimed 199 years ago by Hidalgo (I think).

After a buffet of mole chicken, chicharron (pork rinds. Much better than it sounds), frijoles (refried beans) and more, we pulled in close to the Malecon, which is the paved beachside walkway where the main festivities were held. There we were able to watch the fireworks explode over our heads.

Dancing note: I have much to learn from the Latinos. Much. Especially our P.E. teacher, Joel.

Corrie and one of our new friends, Kim.

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