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Corrie, Mary, and Mike are living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Invasion: Mom, Jeanne, and Peggy

Corrie, Mary, Jeanne, Peggy, and my mom at the Puerto Vallarta marina.

I dropped my mom off at the Puerto Vallarta airport this morning. Mom visited for almost 13 days, flying in with Corrie's mom and aunt a couple Tuesdays ago. Jeanne, Peggy, and my mom came laden with gifts, both physical and not, including hugs, family pictures, clothes, Indiana treats--carmel apples!--and lots of love.

We squeezed in all the gossip, meals, Halloween parties, laughter, bus rides, and trips through the Mexican countryside that we could. Here are a few snapshots of our time.

Entering my school's annual Halloween party. It was huge. And yes, we took the bus there. In costume.

Mom: M&M Jeanne: Karate-man

Mom haggled with the silver guy. Got him to come down from 900 pesos to 300.

Mom and some of the gang that I teach with at our "Moe and Johnny's", but beachside.

Mike, Corrie, and Mary

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  1. Great pictures!
    We are so lucky to get to see Jeanne & Peggy every Tuesday & Thursday. I know they miss you guys!